by Rail Yard Ghosts

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    Normal-bias extended play cassette, with 28 page play program.

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  • Cassette Bundle: Hiraeth Cassette, Plus Split EP with Days N' Daze on Cassette

    Includes limited edition extended play cassette of Hiraeth, 28 page play program plus Rail Yard Ghosts + Days N' Daze Split EP on a white cassette!

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  • Vinyl Bundle: Hiraeth Cassette, Plus Split EP with Days N' Daze on Vinyl

    Includes limited edition extended play cassette, 28 page play program and Rail Yard Ghosts + Days N' Daze Split EP on blue vinyl!

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  • Limited Edition Double Compact Disk Set
    Compact Disc (CD)

    Two disks, inside a printed slip case, along with a 28 page play program.

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"The latest offering from the orchestic folk punk band is incredibly vivid and textural, and one that may be best enjoyed as a whole, from start to end. Clocking in at just over one and half hours, this may seem like no easy feat, however time seems to disappear as the album pulls you into its world of crackling campfires, droning freight trains and the faces that tell their stories.

Taking a step forward from their usual writing style, the band has taken a focus on building atmosphere and developing an underlying narrative throughout the album. Despite their lineup of 10 musicians, the tracks never sound crowded – employing their power of numbers to create either frantic intensity or subtle and deliberate instrumentation.

The album’s title, Hiraeth, is a Welsh word that describes a feeling of homesickness or a longing for the past. This idea plays actively throughout the album, and perhaps encompasses what so many travelers, skids and punks have always felt.

Atmospheric and fragile, growling and bold, Hiraeth is truly a remarkable piece of art."

Rail Yard Ghosts:

With members spread across the United States, Rail Yard Ghosts are a self described death grass band. Courting elements of bluegrass and folk punk, their down and dirty musical aesthetic is both poignant and complex. Actively touring and playing together since roughly 2009, an (almost) ever changing lineup continues to fill out this folk punk orchestra. Writing some of the best and most timely traveling punk songs, Rail Yard Ghosts continue to be a mainstay of the DIY folk punk scene in the United States and beyond.

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While we think it's important to support the artists that you love, if you can not afford the digital download, a free download of the album is available on Rail Yard Ghosts bandcamp! <3


released September 16, 2016

Rail Yard Ghosts on this album are:

Abigail, Amanda, Bran, Jessica, Lora, Matt, Mike, Olyn, Riley, Sarah
Poetry and Engineer Nuttery by John Paul Wright

Additional voices by- Adam, Troy, and others?

Big Up's to Dennis and Twain!



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